The China/Africa Correspondent (Eric Olander, American Journalist)

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My guest this week is Eric Olander, who has been a journalist in China off and on since 1989. His most recent incarnation has been with the China Africa Project, in which he reports on Chinas huge and growing influence across that continent. And through that lens, Eric can talk eloquently and knowledgeably about many aspects of journalism today, including issues of bias; censorship; his relationship with the public online; the relationship between officials and the online media; andthe way in which China's soft power is being felt in places like Africa and beyond.Since Eric has so many interesting things to say, it was very difficultto keep the interview short. So apologies for going a bit long on this episode,I hope you'll agree it was worth the few extra minutes.

Eric Olander’s Object: His trusted analog notebook

Eric Olander’s favourite WeChat sticker: a classic slow-clap

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Eric Olander’s favourite familiar food joint: Wagas

Eric Olander’s favourite China-related fact: the US$24 Billion worth of goods sold by Alibaba on Single’s Day (November 11th)

Eric Olander’s favourite China “purchase”: his dog, Luna

One of Eric Olander’s favourite news sources: The Sinica Podcast

Eric Olander’s selfie with Oscar

Eric Olander: “Beijing for the first time in December 1989, back when it was still a city largely devoid of cars and traffic. I feel blessed to have spent a lot of time in China in the 90s before the country transformed itself into what we know it to be today.”

Eric Olander: “Broadcasting in Mandarin to cover the 2008 Beijing Olympics for the largest Chinese-language TV channel in the United States, where I also served as the channel's Vice President for News and Production for five years.”

Eric Olander: “Broadcasting live from Paris in 2011 where I served as both as the Editor in Chief of FRANCE24 digital and the network's on-air technology reporter and digital guru.”

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Thanks Oscar for bringing this interview with Eric. This is my favorite so far. Eric is so insightful and I would love to listen to him more :)



Thanks for listening!



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