S1E5 - Force Majeure and Contract Non-performance - Jason Chang (DLA Piper)

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We talk with Jason Chang, Of Counsel at DLA Piper, on what international companies should know about force majeure in the current situation. 

3:00 - What is force majeure?

5:28 - Are force majeure clauses always in contracts and what’s standard?

8:48 - What if the contract is silent on this issue and how does governing law matter?

11:26 - Force majeure often doesn’t totally excuse the party to perform the contract

14.16 - Chinese trade association issuing force majeure certificates now, what value do these have?

17:50 - How should foreign companies be preparing now for Chinese companies potentially using a force majeure clause in their contracts?

Bonus questions:

23:55 - A lot of parents in China, expats, etc., sending their kids to private schools in China which can’t open.  What can they do?

31:18 - What kind of personality do you need to have to handle sticky issues like force majeure cases and compliance issues generally as a lawyer?

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