William Bernstein (Writer): Active vs passive investing

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My guest today is Dr.William Bernstein.

If I need to recommend some investment books to any young man who has very little investment education before, Dr Bernstein would be in the top 5 authors list, along with my other favorite authors such as Jack Bogle, David Swensen and Charles Ellis. In fact, in my view, we should even offer a module called “financial literacy” in college based on his books such as The four pillars of investing, the intelligent asset allocator, and rational expectations.

So today, it is really my honor to have Dr Bernstein as the guest to my show. I have never met Dr Bernstein before. But after I have read so many of his books, I feel I have known Dr Bernstein for quite a few years already.

Since Dr Bernstein and I have covered so much content during the interview, I have decided to split our conversation into 2 parts. The current episode is the first part. It is a debate between myself and Dr Bernstein regarding the subject of active vs passive investing. I hope you enjoy the show.

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