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Hello everyone,welcome to English Panorama!This is Jennifer.And it’s really niceto see you again in this special circumstances!大家好呀!很高兴能在这个特殊的时期以这种特殊的方式和大家再次见面!

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,we have a quite long wintervacation.Meanwhile,we must spend most of our time with our dear parents.Atfirst,we were all happy to have this uncommon chance to stay withthem.However,two months later,here comes the question:it seems that we don’t want to see eachother any more!

COVID-19,COVIDCorona Virus Disease,冠状病毒,pandemica disease that spreads over a wholecountry or the whole world,就是“流行病”的意思,COVID-19 pandemic放在一起就可以用来表示这次的新冠肺炎。


When we were in high school,once we complained that how hard lifeis,everyone around us would tell us that life will be much easier incollege.And we started our college life with this opinion,but found that thiswas totally a lie!How to make friends with my classmates?How to finish thegroup work with the people I don’t like?How to get better grades in my exams?We are stilllooking for the best solutions to these questions.And still we are worry abouthow to get along with our parents.



Family of origin,the family in which a person grew up.It’s the peoplewho raise us and who we spend most of our childhood with.The importance of anindividual’s family of origin is enormous. Since parenting shapes a childs core beliefs about himself or herself, our familys beliefs about what it means to be human and the purpose of lifewill have a tremendous influence on what we learn and how we develop. Thesebeliefs will, in turn, inform every decision and choice you make and everyrelationship you have.In a word,this is something that shaped your parents,andwill also lead you to who you are.

family of origin,就是大家所熟知的“原生家庭”。原生家庭对一个人的影响是巨大的,在某种程度上,它决定了你的成长方式,塑造了你的三观,最终你做出的每一个选择都可能伴随着原生家庭的影响。也就是说,原生家庭使你的父母成为了今天的他们,也在很大程度上影响了未来的你将成为一个什么样的人。它或许也就是你想不明白的“他们为什么会这样”的原因。


This Is Us,anAmerican family comedy television series,which follows the livesand families of two parents and their three children in several different timeframes.And I chose some lines from it to show you how a family of origingreatly impacts a person.

如何与我们的父母相处,其实就是如何面对自己的原生家庭。那我们究竟该如何面对原生家庭和它带来的影响呢?Three tips for you.

First of all,understanding.No family is perfect, but many families are healthy.更多的时候,家庭给我们带来的是积极的、向上的力量。如果偶尔感受到了负面的部分,也请不要把它怪罪于某个人,尤其是你的父母,这并不是由于某个人的过错造成的,我们每个人都在被原生家庭影响着。

Second,communication.”We spend our whole lives waiting for our parents toapologize.They spend theirs waiting for a thank you.Neither of us ever getswhat we want.”美剧Casual里的这句台词道出了无数人的心声。这好像就是我们与父母相处的常态,每个人都坚守着自己的观念,等待对方的顿悟。换个角度来看,如果双方都不是只等待着,而是尝试着去表白自己,那结果是不是就会有所不同呢?

Third,attempt.Attempt means an act of trying to do something,especiallysomething difficult,often with no success.可是尽管难以成功,我们依然要选择尝试,尽力避免负面的部分对自己的不良影响,这才是我们对原生家庭最好的回馈。或许每一次的矛盾与冲突产生时,你都可以把你的感受以及你对未来自己的期望记下来,一边平复自己的情绪,一边把它留在纸上,记到心里。也许某一天,就像青春期的突然到来一样,你的尝试也会突然成功。

原生家庭是一个很大的话题,如何面对原生家庭,我们更是难以找到一个统一的标准答案,只希望这期节目可以带给你一点点帮助,一点点启发。也希望大家都照顾好自己,“彼方尚有荣光在”,我们终将会战胜所有的困难。And that’s all for today, thanks for listening to EnglishPanorama,see you next time,bye!

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