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That necktie really matches that suite.
Whenever she goes out, Jenny makes sure that her shoes match her bag.
This ottoman matches my sofa, so I think I’ll buy it.

The company matched the job applicants to the open positions they had.
We have a mixed box of nuts and bolts. Let’s see if we can match them.

Beer and pizza are a good match…or…Beer is a good match with pizza.
That neck tie and suit are a good match….or….That necktie is a perfect match with that suit.

Paul and Lauren both love beer, pets, and camping. They’re a perfect match!
You and I both love the same things. We’re a perfect match.

This sauce is a perfect match with pasta.
Many foodies say that white wine is a good match with chicken and fish, and red wine is a good match with meat.

This wine goes well with this kind of cheese.
Japanese sake goes well with sushi.

This sauce the pasta are a good combination.
Ketchup and French Fries are a perfect combination!

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