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It is the will of all people to live a happy life.
A business owner has the will to succeed.
A marathon runner has the will to finish the race in a good time.
I’m sure you have a strong will to improve your English, right? That’s why you listen to this podcast.

I wonder why I wasn’t mentioned in grandma’s will…hmm…

It’s going to rain this weekend. Maybe I’ll stay home and clean the garage.
I have to no plans for my trip to Miami. Maybe I’ll just spend a week relaxing on the beach.

Can someone answer the door? → Sure, I’ll do it.
I think this is going to be a long meeting. I’ll go get some coffee for us.

Will you stop talking please?
“Would you send me the invoice”…sounds more polite than…“Will you send me the invoice.”
“Would you help me move this desk”…sounds more polite than…“Will you help me move this desk.”

At a bar, the bartender often asks, “What will you have?”
I can’t believe your boyfriend was cheating on you. Will you break up with him?

All students will wear a uniform to school.
All employees will submit their sales reports no later than 5pm on Friday.

When you are waiting to see someone like a doctor, the receptionist might say, “The doctor will see you now”.
It seems like the dog won’t eat that food. We should try another brand.

If you pour this salad oil into the water, it will float on top.
In bad weather, it’s understandable that accidents will happen.

Jenny is coming to New York next week. I’ll be happy if I can get the chance to see her.
I’m working late tonight, so I’m sure I’ll be hungry when I’m finished work.
My vacation is coming soon. By this time next week, I’ll be sitting on a beach looking at the sunset.
Have a nice trip to France. I’ll be thinking about you while you’re gone.
The meeting will be held on Monday in the grand ballroom of the hotel.
The vacation planner said that everything will be taken care of before we get there.

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