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Laura Pollan
Laura Pollan Toledo, teacher and human-rights campaigner(竞选者), died on October 14th, aged 63.
THE house at 963 Calle Neptuno, in the centre of Havana, was small, but Laura Pollan kept it beautifully(美好地). The grey floor-tiles(地面瓷砖) with their snowflake(雪花) motif(图案) were always swept clean, even though her fluffy(蓬松的) mongrel(杂种的) terrier(小猎犬) shed his long hair everywhere, and though the door was kept open to get some air in from the bike-filled(充满自行车的), rowdy(吵闹的,粗暴的), dusty street. In the front living room she had cane(手杖 藤条 细长的茎) chairs with heart-shaped backs, and triangles(三角形) of lace(花边) decorated the shelves. Outside, the tiny back yard was a jungle of pot plants(盆栽植物) and climbers(攀援植物), with neatly folded(整齐折叠的) washing(衣服) hung against the ochre(赭石色) walls. And the tower of the Iglesia del Carmen watched over(照看) it all. But her house was also a cell(单人牢房) for liberty(自由者). The living-room walls were hung with lists of the names of political prisoners, their photos, and a huge chart(图表格) that showed them bursting(爆发) from their chains(枷锁) when her group notched up(取得) a success. Prisoners' wives and daughters crowded there for her monthly Literary Teas。
劳拉·波伦(Laura Pollan)老师和人权运动家劳拉·波伦·托莱多(Laura Pollan Toledo)于10月14日去世,享年63岁。
位于哈瓦那市中心的963 Calle Neptuno的房子很小,但劳拉·波伦(Laura Pollan)却保留了精美的房屋。即使她蓬松的杂种犬在任何地方都散开了长长的头发,尽管门保持打开状态,以便从充满自行车的,肮脏而又尘土飞扬的街道上吸进一些空气,但带有雪花图案的灰色地板砖始终被打扫干净。在前客厅,她有心形靠背的藤椅,架子上摆着三角形的花边。在外面,很小的后院是一堆盆栽植物和攀援植物的丛林,整齐地折叠着的洗衣服挂在cher石墙上。伊格莱西亚·德尔·卡门之塔(Iglesia del Carmen)的塔全都照看了。但是她的房子还是自由的牢房。客厅的墙壁上挂着政治犯名单,他们的照片和一张巨大的图表,上面显示了当她的小组取得成功时,他们从他们的铁锁中爆发出来。囚犯的妻子和女儿挤在那儿为她每月的文学茶.

She once got 72 women in()(招募), under the slowly turning ceiling fan(天花板风扇), and put up 25 overnight. They came from all over Cuba: Pinar del Rio, Santa Clara, Las Tunas, Manzanillo (in the east, where she was born), even from the Sierra Maestra, where Fidel Castro had holed up(躲藏) in the mountains to start his revolution. They gathered at her house because she was central, and had a telephone. After 2003 the phone kept ringing, and she would answer it in a whisper(小声地), knowing it was tapped(通过安装插头遭到窃听); each call would end with "Cuidado", "Be careful". A security camera(监控摄像机) and floodlights(聚光灯) appeared outside her front door, supplementing(补充) the plain-clothes(穿着便衣的)men who loitered(游荡) there. Her bookshelf now held a tiny statue of Santa Rita, the saint of the impossible. What had started all this was the arrest of her husband, Héctor Maseda Gutiérrez, for "acting against(破坏) the territorial integrity(领土完整) of the state". Seventy-four others were arrested with him in that Black Spring of 2003, and given average prison sentences(徒刑) of 20 years. Ms Pollan knew he had done nothing. The picture of him she wore emblazoned(示意纹章) on her T-shirt showed a mild, smiling man, an engineer, who kept his glasses on a cord(绳索) round his neck.
她曾经在缓慢转动的吊扇下招募了72名妇女,并在25名通宵的情况下忍受了。他们来自古巴各地:Pinar del Rio,圣塔克拉拉,拉斯图纳斯,曼萨尼约(在她出生的东部),甚至来自塞拉梅斯特拉,菲德尔·卡斯特罗(

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