IWP 513 Everybody Needs Scienza (Soil)

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HELLOW HELLOW HELLOW! Have you ever wondered what's underneath the ground you step on? Well, then step on our ground coz we're about to tell ya all about it. Well, Scienza is. Anyways guyz our delighting and well mannered boss aka Stevie the asian Kim has been pretty much on Clubhouse this whole month but somehow she also decided that we need to step up the Tiktok Game. I mean, I do agree, we kinda suck at TikTok but you can see that we did put so much effort in it y'all! C'mon, no one can say we haven't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean people in the streetz have been recognizing us from "the asian lady's tiktok "and trust me its not a look.............................. SO now we're doing like makeup and shaise on TikTok . Good point there, I needed to ask y'allz,who in here does their eyebrows? Coz like i paint them with some girly product and gosh I'm obsessed with it! And Steevee Keeem was so jelly she made me paint her eyebrows and now im scared for my life coz i feel like she' ll come for me. SOrry I was born with good brows yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok I've been definiteoy watching too much of Rupaul Drag Race.

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