The Christmas Tree 圣诞树

The Christmas Tree 圣诞树

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Strengthwill not save, but love just might!

A tree is torn from his forest home and all that he loves,but there is courage in the heart of a little boy to protect him.

"Lyrical" and "spiritually enchanting,"according to the San FranciscoReview of Books, this tale has"become an important part of our literature," imparting a hope thatembraces all of humanity, a testament to love in this world and the next.

The author dreamt up this story from witnessing theabandonment of trees onto sidewalks after Christmas in New York City, but herehis invention of a different fate for one tree will take you on a magicaljourney through time and space and otherworldly encounter.

In the tradition of immortal fairy tales, The Christmas Tree is a book for all ages. Now let your imaginationtake flight with its enchantments!

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