IWP 486 Virtual Wine Tourism (wine2wine 2020)

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Italian Wine Podcast Episode 486: Virtual Wine Tourism
Audio from the wine2wine 2020 session featuring

Liz Thach MW and Marilisa Allegrini present:

Wine tourism is important to most major wine-producing countries, but global warming events such as wildfires, floods, and heatwaves, and unexpected crises like earthquakes, pandemics, and terrorism often put an abrupt stop to wine visitors. However, many resourceful wineries have turned to virtual wine tourism in the form of virtual tours, tastings, and events, where consumers can “visit” the winery from the comfort of their home and purchase wine online. This session focuses on this growing trend linked to digital marketing and e-commerce. It showcases case studies from wineries and wine regions who have been successful in embracing an important aspect of the future of wine tourism.

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