Time Management·Yixiaoneng® by Yewubin


The most popular top rated courses from the Ximalaya Educated list is,----time management 100 courses

Do you want to say goodbye to overtime which lead to low efficiency?

Do you want to say goodbye to a single life that lead to a lonely life?

Do you want to say goodbye to busy- lost-blind? 

Do you want to say goodbye to your fat body? 

Do you want to say goodbye to that cannot sleep at night and cannot get up in the morning?

Do you want to be the person with high efficiency, the one you look forward to, and possess a life which deserves to be possessed…

Then, after finishing 100 Courses of Time Management, you will find the answer easily. 


1. Course text version, inputting “ximalaya” in Wechat Official Account Time Management (ID:gtdsjgl), then you can receive the message. 

2. Making comments & sending courses to your Wechat, there are surprises waiting for you. 

主播: 叶武滨是易效能时间管理教育机构的创始人兼课程导师,易效能《时间管理》系列课程被誉为中国最时尚 最实用 最实操的课程。 
Anchor: Mr. Ye Wubin is the founder and course tutor of TIME MASTER Time Management Educational Institution; the Time Management series courses of TIME MASTER are praised as the most fashionable and practical courses in China.

During the past three years, TIME MASTER travelled through more than 30 cities in China, established more than 300 series charging courses; tens of thousands of students’ working efficiency is improved thereby, living an orderly and leisure life. 

叶武滨老师在 优酷网 上录制的两节视频课程排名同类主题课程之首;
Two video courses recorded by Mr. Ye Wubin in Youku are ranked top among the courses of similar topics;
在 腾讯课堂 的课程获线上学员满分5星好评; 
5 stars are well received from online students for the courses in Tencent Classroom; 

在 跟谁学 上线的《人人必修的3堂时间管理课》学员报名人数屡创新高,最新的第5季更是有2700多人报名学习,破平台记录; 
Student enrollment in 3 Time Management Courses Required by Everyone issued by genshuixue has set a new high. For the up-to-date session 5, there are more than 2700 students signed up, which sets a new record on the platform;

In the domestic biggest live broadcast network --- huajiao (struggle lecture hall), more than 1.1 million netizens watched a live broadcast online synchronously, which makes Mr. Ye become the greatest online celebrity in the training industry;

Mr. Ye Wubin wrote the best-selling book of one million, Use Time Well, to help the people who like to read improve their efficiency.

为服务到更多有时间管理需求的朋友 ,现特将易效能价值万元的线下课程精华拆成100讲语音课程,登录喜马拉雅免费教给大家,愿大家早日掌握无压力的工作艺术,收获精彩生命旅程。
In order to serve more people who have the demand for time management, now, we divide the TIME MASTER offline course essence which is worthy of ten thousands yuan into 100 voice courses; it is free in ximalaya, wish all of you master the working art without pressure, and gain the wonderful life journey.



简介:易效能®创始人,喜马拉雅知名主播,小目标是帮助一亿人提升效能。作为时间管理机构易效能®《时间管理》创始人与首席主讲,2014年至今,带领团队在全球14个国家和地区50多个城市开设了750多场会议,中国大陆、台湾、香港及海外悉尼、墨尔本、温哥华、多伦多、伦敦、纽约、东京、奥克兰、佛罗伦萨、新加坡和迪拜......帮助成千上万学员过上平衡高效有序的生活。 晨型人、跑者、拥有“北京大学CEO教练”证书、著有畅销书《善用时间》、《高能要事》开发了时间管理桌游、易经锦囊,首届喜马拉雅123狂欢节排名第二、教育频道排名前列、花椒直播平台155万观众同步观看,带领儿子5岁起环游世界......