118: From freelancing to founding one of the largest photo studios in China

2020-09-10 14:39:03 43

Matthieu David interviews Rodney Evans, Founder & CEO of Central Studios Shanghai. The photo and video production industry has definitely shifted to a more streamlined approach due to the emergence of social media in the last decade. Central Studios Shanghai, a photo studio based in China, has been able to endure and evolve since its beginnings in 2005. How were they able to retain their coveted location? What services do they offer their clients and how are they managing all the aspects of their business? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm interview.

Matthieu David 采访了Rodney Evans, 他是上海奂镜工作室的创始人和CEO。在过去的10年里,由于社交媒体的兴起,照片和视频制作行业无疑已经转向了一种更为精简的方式。上海奂镜工作室是一家中国的摄影工作室,自2005年成立以来,一直生存和发展至今。他们怎么能保住他们梦寐以求的位置?他们为客户提供哪些服务?他们是如何管理业务的各个方面的?在本次的采访中找到这些问题的答案吧。