120: Paving the way for bakeries to enter and grow in China

商业财经2020-10-13 11:52:46 43

Matthieu David interviews Pierre Gilson, founder and chef at Stoneground Consulting. When it comes to the bakery & pastry industry there is definitely a paradigm in the context of the Chinese market. While westerners consume baked goods and pastries on a daily basis, Chinese consumers enjoy them on relatively special occasions. Pierre Gilson has been at the forefront of this industry in China, helping Stoneground Consulting’s clients open and adapt their bakeries to China’s market. How long has he been doing this and what type of success he has had over the years? How has the bakery & pastry market changed in China over the last 5 years and why is it that some popular products in the West are not so successful in the Chinese market? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm podcast.

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