Jane Wants A Pet(Jane想要个宠物)

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Jane looked around her room. There were animals everywhere.(简看了看自己的房间。到处都是动物。)She had teddy bears from her grandma. (奶奶送的泰迪熊。)She had stuffed animals from her aunt.(姑姑送的毛绒玩具。) She even had posters of puppies on the wall.(墙上还有小狗的海报。) However, what Jane wanted was a real pet. (不过,简想要的是一只真正的宠物。)She wanted a puppy or kitten to love and play with.(她想要一只狗或者猫咪,爱它们和它们一起玩耍。)

Jane's mom was reading a book. "Mom, can I ask you something?" asked Jane.(简的妈妈正在看书。简问道:“妈妈,我能问你点事吗?”)

"Sure Honey," said Mom.(“当然可以了,亲爱的。”妈妈说。)

"I know I have teddy bears from grandma and stuffed animals from aunt Linda, but I really want a real pet to take care of," said Jane. (“我知道我已经拥有了奶奶送的泰迪熊和琳达姑姑送的毛绒玩具,但是我想要一个真正的宠物,我去照顾它。”简说。)

Jane's mom put down her book. "Pets take a lot of work," said Mom. "(简的妈妈把书放下了,说:“养宠物需要做很多事情的。”)And they are part of the family for many years. (而且它们会陪伴我们很多年。)Do you think you would have time to take care of a pet? You should think about it."(你觉得你有时间照顾宠物吗?你要想清楚哦。“)

Word list:(词汇列表)

stuffed animals: soft toy animals (毛绒玩具)

posters: large pictures (大的照片或者画)

Honey: a name parents often call children (父母称呼孩子的爱称)





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