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Hello, everyone! Welcome to English Panorama! This is Ryan.What a great pleasure to see you guys again after a long long vacation.


Of course, the vacation isn’t exactly what we expect,nor is it ideal.Thanks to the Coronavirus, most of us have just been through a two-month quarantine, in which we have to avoid unnecessarymovement, and the most effective way to do that is to stay at home.

当然,这个意外的假期可能并不符合我们大多数人的预期。在过去的两个月中,由于新冠病毒的原因,我们绝大部分时候都只能化身宅男宅女,减少与人群的接触。And trust me, 即便宅男如我,两个月的宅家时光也是过得非常郁闷,外面的世界于我而言从未显得如此精彩,因为我真的好想念电影院、购物中心和海底捞啊!

As is mentioned above, though staying at home is for thebenefit of all of us, this sudden change of life can be very stressful and evenirritating.那么,我们该如何积极应对这些不良情绪呢?

Well,first, it’s important to understand that feeling a bitout of sorts now is normal. 首先,接受内心的烦躁感和紧张感,我们正在经历日常生活的巨大改变,而我们是creature of habits,习惯生物,因此生活方式的突然变化会给我们带来不适感,更不用说疫情正在世界各地带走人们的生命。

那么该如何减轻这种焦虑感呢?Elissa Epel, 加利福利亚旧金山分校的一名心理学教授建议我们减少对新闻的过度获取。她说:

We don’t realize this, but media is a major pathway of how anxietygets under the skin. It’s their job to keep us hooked and show us the mostsensationalized news of the day, with the most dramatic titles.”


Second of all, be mindful and share happiness.再者,让我们做一个美的观察者和传播者。一朵自家阳台上绽放的花朵,一段在B站上偶然刷到的鬼畜视频,亦或者是一张让你会心一笑的meme,都是为我们带来快乐的宝藏。 And don’t forget to offer them to your loved ones and bring themreliefs too.

Last but not the least, keep yourself occupied. 最后,要让自己的生活充实起来。We have been attending online courses already. 但是在网课之外,我们还有很多事情可以去做,让我们的宅家生活充满趣味和意义。想阅读经典对话文豪,想做中华小当家学会十八般厨艺,想做外语达人,还想细品一下在电影节上拿奖无数的大师级电影?All kinds of things that we’ve always wanted to do but hadn’t gottenthe time or determination to do themnow it’s theperfect time to make up your mind to achieve these goals and to fulfillyourself.那些能够提高自身修养或技能的顶级关卡,现在就是攻克它们的最佳时机啦!

It’s hard to keep up with the fast pace of modern society.现代社会过度的社交生活让我们很难充分关注自己的内在,无论是自己的情感需求,或是提升自己修养的需要。As an introvertI found this period ofstaying at home very beneficial to finding peace with my inner self andrefreshing myself with a couple of classic books.就我个人而言,作为一个内向的人,这段隔离时光给了我一个很好的机会,来反思自我,以及用几本好书给自己充电,而在进行思考的同时,我的内心也获得了平静。


(via.韩国插画家Jungho Lee)

The Coronavirus, now officially declared as an pandemic by WHO,has put over one third of the world’s population under lockdown. Socialdistancing, this relatively new term, is now dominating foreign onlinediscussion.

随着新冠病毒在全球、尤其是在欧美国家的爆发,26亿人,也就是全球三分之一的人口都进入了家里蹲状态。Social distancing,社交疏远,这个原本比较陌生的词汇成为了社交网站上讨论的热点。What’s social distancing? What shall we do? And how can it help to limitthe ability of the virus to spread? 都是人们关心和讨论的话题。

Well, social distancing is a public health measure that’simplemented during contagious outbreaks, which usually involves remaining outof congregate settings, avoiding mass gatherings, and maintaining distance. In thisway, we can avoid close contact with people that may be carrying the virus,therefore decrease the probability of being infected and protect the elders andpeople that are vulnerable.

和社交疏远一起进入公共视野的词还有self-quarantine. The word quarantine comes from quarantena, meaning"forty days".起源于1415世纪黑死病笼罩下的威尼斯,quarantine原本用于形容船员们在被许可靠岸下船前的那段隔离期。现在,重新进入公共视野的quarantine用于形容a restriction on the movementof people and goods which is intended to prevent the spread of disease or pests,即限制人们的出行范围来抑制某种疾病或害虫的传播。

尽管quarantinesocial distancing两个词并不完全等同,quarantinesocial distancing对个人行为习惯进行规则化,进行限制的具体指令。但,如我们所知,呆在家里,就是最简单的保护自己、保护他人的方式。 And that’s why #StayAtHome is trending on social media.

Many celebrities, including musicians, film stars, footballers,are actively advocating self-quarantine online by posting encouraging words or sharingtheir personal life during quarantine. 在政府和医学界人士的倡议下,许多名人开始在社交媒体上分享他们的宅家生活,或者科普一些社交疏远的知识,带上StayAtHomehashtag,借此来鼓励公众呆在家里,减少外出。

American singer Ariana Grande emphasized on the impact of self-quarantineby posting ins story saying,“It is incredibly dangerous and selfish to take this situation thatlightly. The “We will be fine because we’re young” mindset is putting people who aren’t young and/or healthy in a lot of danger.You sound privileged and you need to care more about others, like now.”

And like many singers, she performs live concert occasionallyon social media to motivate the fans.



There’re also footballers, representing their clubs or sportsequipment company like Nike or Adidas, advocating the impact of socialdistancing on different platforms, also leading an example by posting picturesof them exercising indoors or enjoying life with their families. They alsostart a new challenge called #StayAtHomeChallenge in which people kick toiletpaper as football.


Bonding with parents and learning new skills are once importantthings in life that we tend to put off with the thought of “I can alwaysdo them later. Nowif there isan upside to this pandemic, it is that not only they’ve finally been given achance, they’ve also been given a new meaning.

Stay at home,不仅给了我们一个机会,去和我们的家人多交流,去学习那些我们一直想学但没时间去学的技能,在当下,它们还被赋予了特别的意义。

我们可以看到,那些和我们一样宅在家中的人们,他们学习做菜,在家中健身,在阳台上歌唱或演奏。They’re finding joy in life even though it is dark and difficult outside. 他们在提升自我,也在鼓舞他人,尽管时局困难,也要保持积极和乐观。It shows this increasedsense of interconnection, of social solidarity, and an abundance ofopportunities to help others. And that’s inspiring at a time like this. 这种日益增强的相互联系感、社会团结感以及帮助他人的精神是振奋人心的!

In China, in Italy, in Spain or in any other places in theworld, humanity is alike. We all have passion for life. We all like share this passionwith others.无论在地球的哪个角落,我们都很热爱生活,我们都愿意向他人分享这种热爱,就像那个在米兰封城期间在阳台上演奏的小提琴手Aldo Cicchini,把自己的思考和情感放入自己的音乐,为自己和他人带来困难时期的快乐。在微博上,有更多的乐手往他的演奏里加入更多的乐器,create an ensembleand this is the beautifulsense of unity and togetherness.


Luckily, there’s always spring after winter. It’s nice to seethat, domestically, with the containment of the virus, life has started toreturn to normal, slowly and gradually.令人高兴的是,春天总会到来,我们的生活总会回归正轨。在我生活的城市,福州,人们正在回归工作岗位,餐馆重新开业,路上也有了越来越多的人。上个周末,天气很温暖,我出门散步,沉浸在阳光里,期盼摘掉口罩、回归校园的那天早日到来。

So here I am, staying at home, sending my sincere blessing toyou and the world, hoping that everything will be better tomorrow.我,宅在家里,向您送去我的祝福。

OK. That’s the end of today’s program. 感谢您的收听,也欢迎您把宅在家中的经历在评论里分享给我们。I’ll see you next time, and hopefully, next time you’ll be listeningto this program on campus.

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